Maintenance and spare parts services

Marakon’s maintenance and spare parts service is well-known for its high quality. Our skilled maintenance team is based in Lahti where we service and repair all brands. When necessary, we will fix Rammer products within 24 hours of receiving your request. 

Marakon’s authorised maintenance partners ensure the availability of our maintenance and spare part services all over Finland.

Marakon’s maintenance services

Marakon offers comprehensive maintenance and spare part services. Our maintenance team in Lahti offers a 24-hour maintenance guarantee for the Rammer Excellence range and services and repairs all brands. Our authorised maintenance partners ensure the availability of spare parts and maintenance services all over Finland.

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Marakon’s spare parts services

Marakon offers quick and efficient spare parts deliveries for Rammer products and VNT demolition devices. Authentic parts made by the original manufacturer utilise the latest technology and guarantee that your machines retain their durability and productivity. The correct hardness levels for the blades and other parts are determined on the basis of the heat treatment and manufacturing expertise that the company has accumulated over decades.

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Marakon’s rental machines

We rent out machines for material breaking, excavation, demolition and material processing. Our selection includes hydraulic hammers, grapplers, pulverisers, crusher cutters and concrete cutters. Renting machinery is a cost-efficient solution when you do not need it on a continuous basis.

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