XB06 Hydraulic breaker

Normet Xrock® breakers are designed to be your trusted solution. The carefully selected features ensure you get the job done and keep your operating costs low. With an Xrock breaker, you don't have to pay something that's not essential to your work.

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  • Sound and vibration-damped housing
  • Membrane accumulator
  • Durable design


  • Low operating costs
  • Idle blow protection (option)
  • Heat-resistance modification (option)

Technical information

Working weight450 kg
Carrier weight recommendation5-10 t
Tool diameter75 mm

Product family

The carefully selected features of Normet Xrock® hammers ensure that the job is done and operating costs remain low. Xrock hydraulic hammers have improved properties for breaking abrasive rock and optimized power requirements, so fuel costs are lower. Our maintenance and cost-effective spare parts service ensure that owning an Xrock hammer will always leave you on the plus side, and things won't get boring.

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