Rammer R35P + RD3 hydraulic hammer

Made in Finland, the reliable, high-quality Rammer Performance hydraulic hammer is an ideal solution for occasional or seasonal use. The sound- and vibration-suppressed housing protects the operator and machine as well as the environment. The tool is equipped with an automated greasing device, idle blow protection and Ramdata II maintenance detection. The Rammer Performance range comes with a one-year warranty.

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Technical information

Working weight2320 kg
Carrier weight recommendation27-40 t
Tool diameter150 mm

Product family

The high-quality and reliable Rammer Performance Line hydraulic hammer is your solution for more occasional or seasonal use. Vibration and sound-dampened housing protect the operator, the excavator, and the environment. Among other features, Rammer Performance Line hydraulic hammers have an automatic greasing system, idle blow protection, and Ramdata II service indicator as standard. Rammer Performance Line hydraulic hammers have a one-year warranty.

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