Sustainability is a strategic choice to us

Marakon celebrated its 40th anniversary in late 2021, and to mark this milestone, we updated our existing strategy. Our strategy work was based on the introduction of battery and charger systems that support our sustainability goals to our product portfolio and our desire to be even more responsible in our operations.

Sustainability plays a major role in our new strategy, which forms the basis of our sustainability programme.  

Marakon’s values

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Safety always comes first with us

Safety is at the heart of our operations. We ensure your safety through our operations and the products and services we supply.

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We are a responsible partner

We carry out all our operations in a responsible manner. We always pay attention to the environmental and social impact of our operations.

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We are always on the lookout for better procedures

We are driven by the desire to develop ourselves and to create new solutions. That’s why we are always looking for better ways to do things. We believe that we can always develop.

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Caring for the customer is the main thing to us

We take on our customers’ challenges and boost their productivity every day. It is our way to care for our customers and to show them respect.

Marakon promotes the UN’s sustainable development goals

In the UN’s sustainable development programme, the environment, people and the economy are taken into account in equal measure. It is designed to promote global development that ensures well-being and human rights, economic growth and the stability of societies in an environmentally sustainable manner.

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Sustainability at Marakon

These are our sustainability themes and the goals that we are committed to.


Our products are used in challenging conditions. A risk of accidents is high for workers working with heavy machinery and mining equipment. To eliminate such risks, we want to be a frontrunner that offers the safest, the most efficient and the most advanced solutions to its customers. Safety matters are also taken into account in the product training we arrange for our customers

Our goal is to be the leading operator in occupational health and safety matters in our sector. Our first step towards this goal is to secure our employees’ right to a safe and healthy work environment – every day. We have adopted a zero tolerance policy towards workplace accidents, with safety training forming the basis of our safety work. Occupational health and safety are an integral part of our operating culture and we take joint responsibility for their realisation. 

Staff well-being

We want Marakon to be the most interesting employer in our sector, and we want to employ the best professionals to offer services to our customers.

Our staff activities are aimed at ensuring safety, good supervisory work, high motivational levels and the continuous development of our employees’ professional skills.

Equal and just treatment of our employees is important to us and we do not tolerate discrimination.

Kuva Marakonin työntekijästä puomien kanssa

Responsible procurement

Suppliers play an important role in our procurement chain.

Some of our products are supplied by local suppliers and we know them and their operations well. Some of the materials and components we use are sourced from further away and that is why we are taking steps to know our procurement chain better.

Our goal is to work in close collaboration with our suppliers to improve efficiency, transparency and sustainability throughout the chain. We also continuously develop the way we listen to our employees to be able to develop our operations on basis of their feedback.

Sustainable product life cycles

Global megatrends guide the demand for sustainable and safe solutions. Our primary goal is to ensure that our solutions are safe. To achieve this goal, we offer our customers the best possible services in the form of maintenance, servicing, training and guidance.

In addition to providing services that prolong the service lives of new products, we also sell second-hand machines and carry out warranty repairs for them.

The breaker booms we manufacture come with instructions for recycling that help our customers dispose of their machines sustainably once they have reached the end of their service life.

The modular design of our battery systems promotes their sustainable use.

These are some of the measures we are taking to minimise our products’ negative life cycle impacts.

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Environment and climate

We strive to minimise our operations’ climate and environmental impacts because we want to do our part to stave off climate change. By doing so, we can also help our customers and collaboration partners reach their climate targets.

The very nature of our operations means that we contribute to a global shift in energy use. We are a frontrunner in the utilisation of technology and automation in the mining and processing of minerals. We also carry out pioneering work in the use of electricity-powered systems on worksites and the sale of premium machines for infrastructure construction and recycling of materials.

Our future measures:

  • The calculation of our carbon footprint and the publication of annual reports on it 
  • The use of environmentally friendly blade lubricant 
  • The realisation of an investment in solar panels and their installation on our office property 
  • An analysis of waste streams and the recycling and reuse of waste 

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